An Adventure at Hawke’s Bay

Are you a person that is always looking for new places to explore? You are not alone. I am a vivid traveler myself. I just went to Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand recently and boy, it was a BLAST! I don’t mind travelling there again. There are so much to do and it’s a pity that I was only there for a mere “5 days 4 nights” trip.

You must be wondering, other than sight-seeing and good food, what else is there to do? This is where you’re wrong, my friend. Let me fill you in on the various activities to do at Hawke’s Bay.


wineDo you love drinking wine or even tasting different types of wines? Then Hawke’s Bay is the perfect location for you. Hawke’s Bay is home to more than 100 vineyards and 70 wineries. There are plenty to choose from and plenty of wine tours to sign up to. It can easily take up one full day of your time. What’s more when you can see up close the process of making fine wine and you get to taste fine wineries that just came out of the brew, literally.


foodAre you a foodie? Hawke’s Bay is home to one of the best and most happening Farmers’ market in the world. Get up close with fresh organic products and enjoy the day. You must be wondering, how about at night? Do not worry! There’s plenty of “Night Market” in Hawke’s Bay, like Napier Night Fiesta and Hastings City Night Market! Are you all psyche to go now?

Are you an Adventurist and Outdoor Person?

There are plenty of things to do at Hawke’s Bay. It is home to one of the finest and most beautiful Golf course in the world and what’s more, there are plenty of rivers, streams and lakes for you to fish in! Hawke’s Bay offer some of the best fishing spots and opportunities in the country! Grab your rod, hook and reel now!

Water Activities

Being home to many rivers, streams and lakes, there are bound to be water activities! Enjoy the day at the Splash Planet Theme Park and possibly going for a Hot and relaxing time at the Morere Hot Springs. You can even choose to go water rafting. Or is swimming with Sharks in one of your bucket list? Then head on to New Zealand’s National Aquarium at Hawke’s Bay and watch up close the feeding session as well as taking up the opportunity to swim with Sharks!


During my last trip, I stayed at a pretty luxurious Hawke’s Bay bed and breakfast. St Andrew’s Escape is truly a gem that I’ve discovered. It is close to many locations and place of attractions and what’s more, they provide luxurious services! There was a total of five of us and we are able to get an apartment that fits all of us comfortably! So what are you waiting for? Book with them right now and enjoy your adventurous trip to Hawke’s Bay!

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