Get checked for cholesterol

This site contains information on cholesterol and lowering high cholesterol. One in five people has high cholesterol and millions need treatment. That’s because anyone can have high cholesterol, even if you’re active or unfit, young or old. High cholesterol can cause serious health problems. In fact, high cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular disease, which claims a life every 33 seconds. For more information on cholesterol please visit the links above. To receive valuable information about cholesterol, please click here.


What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a kind of fat stored in our body. Every cell, especially those in the liver, produce 75% cholesterol for survival which circulates through the blood. It helps in building new cells and producing hormones, so an imbalance of cholesterol can increase the risks of heart disease and strokes.

Different people produce different levels of cholesterol depending on their genetic ancestry. We also create more cholesterol by consuming animal-based foods.

Food Choice

Some food that we eat can lead to high cholesterol levels. It’s better to choose a nutritious diet for a healthy lifestyle.

High cholesterol foods are mostly animal-based foods i.e. egg yolk, cheese, butter, margarine, whole milk, fatty meat, poultry and sea food. If you’re fan of cheese burgers or macaroni cheese, you had better look for an alternative. It’s fine to have eggs for breakfast but avoid having more than 1-2 egg yolks. Or, if you really want to have it, you should avoid high cholesterol foods in other meals.

For lunch and dinner, go for low fat meat like chicken breast or fish and pair it with brown bread or brown rice. The proper amount of seafood is fine but too much can increase your cholesterol levels. All kinds of veggies and beans are good for you so have a portion of them in every meal. Choose soy milk or almond milk instead of animal milk. Switch ice cream, cake or pastries to fruits or yoghurts for dessert. Avoid fried foods or sugary snacks and have a handful of unsalted walnuts, cashews, or almonds instead. Healthy monounsaturated fats in nuts are good for your heart and joints.

Healthy Lifestyle for Health Benefits

Besides taking a cholesterol-lowering medicine, the combination of a healthy diet and exercising is the best way to improve your cholesterol.


Increasing the level of energy used daily can have a beneficial impact on your body. For people who never do any exercise, working in your yard, house cleaning, using the stairs instead of the elevator and crazy dancing in the bath room are also counted. Exercising can raise your heart rate and increase blood circulation.

Regular exercise in the gym is good for your body. Add strength training to increase your muscles and reduce the fat in your body. Interval exercise helps a lot with burning fat and also reduces the risk of diabetes. Remember not to push your body to the point of injury. Always stretch or get a massage in Gold Coast to relieve muscle pains after you exercise. Go for light exercises to improve your body’s endurance then gradually increase up to a more intensive routine.

Quit smoking

Smoking increases bad cholesterol levels and no benefits from it have been reported. Quitting smoking can lower your blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease. Reduce the amount you are smoking and quit for your own health as well as the benefit of surrounding people.

Drink Less Alcohol 

Alcohol may have benefits, but too much drinking can lead to higher levels of cholesterol and serious health problems i.e. high blood pressure, heart failure and strokes. Drink alcohol at a moderate level. Healthy adults can have 1-2 glasses a day but people with health problems should avoid drinking entirely. You are better to do it only occasionally; at New Year, Christmas or family dinners.